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Posted by George Zuk on

Hello Everyone.  My name is George P. Zuk, Jr., D.P.M. owner of the new E-Commerce store: Bristol Footcare Products.  

I started this store with a strong desire to provide quality products at competitive pricing. 

I have over 30 year of experience in the Podiatry field which provides you the consumer with confidence that the products recommended come form someone very knowledgeable in the field of foot care.  You will be getting a quality product that a physician would recommend to his patient's as well as family and friends.

Unlike most E-Commerce stores on the internet, you will be getting products that I personally picked out, evaluated and tested prior to getting my personal approval of the quality that I feel is necessary to sell in my store.

In the upcoming weeks I will provide blogs on a variety of subjects dealing with foot issues and foot care products.

You are more than welcome to email me with questions about any product that I sell.

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